The Origins of "A Voice of Reason"

You may wonder who I am and why I've written this book. I have followed the passing political parade for many years, and I've always wondered why our great democratic system doesn't work like Madison, Adams and Jefferson envisioned it ought to.

Currently, we are still permitted to disagree and to dissent. Despite our sense of freedom, an appropriate description of the general attitude of the American People might be stated that we are presently: "Blithe, Blasé and Befuddled".

I'm just an interested 'nobody', and American citizen who has never been involved with politics or any political party in my entire life. Never, that is until I started a radio program called: "The Voice of Reason".

I had questions and was tired of the talk-talk--shout-shout radio shows and wanted to hear from the People on issues that mattered to them. Unfortunately, I heard very little from the People and had to listen to a lot of opinion, bias and dogma from amateur political supporters.

As the host of "The Voice of Reason" radio program I wanted to find out why the average American citizen always talked about problems. i.e. Inflation, high gas prices, poverty, wars, invasion of privacy, government corruption, etc but didn't do anything about the problems! They merely talked! They grumbled, they criticized and found fault with everything, and did nothing to make changes. Most of the time we never do anything. Is this widespread un-involvement and apathy making us neurotic?

Here's a fact: Each time, we elect the same kind of politicians we get the same outcome. That's not neurosis...thats insanity*.

We're stuck in a rut and have forgotten it's our right to speak-out and that we also have the great privilege and responsibility to correct our own problems.

Surely, the American People are not still waiting for the government to fix our troubles. Or are we?

Well after many, many radio interviews I wrote this book, "A Voice of Reason" and I hope you will listen to its reason. And, if you're not listening to reason, what are you listening to?

*The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. --Benjamin Franklin

Steven J. Conners
Reno, Nevada

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