The Origins of "A-B-C"


I did not start out in life with a burning desire to become a writer. Yet, in my middle years, for some strange reason, I began to have an urge to set down some ideas and stories I had tucked away in my mind.

In the early 70's a dear friend of mine was on hand for my “brain awakening.” Previous to that time, I had been quite oblivious to the sociopolitical ways of the world and almost completely ignorant of history and its immutable implications on the present and the future.

With his urging, I commenced a journey backward in time to learn some of the history of mankind. My appetite whetted, I became insatiable. My friend became my coach, my teacher, my guru.

I couldn't get enough information. I wanted to know everything about everything…I drove him nuts. [And, I am thankful for him to this day!]

I've never told this to anyone. I've been afraid that I would be considered crazy. But here is the truth. When I wrote this book, it felt then, as though I had been inspired by some muse, or high inspiration, or whatever because something definitely pushed me to write this book..

In less than 72 hours I wrote 180 pages and, within two weeks, I had written nearly 500 pages. The entire story, the continuity, the characters and the technology were all created in one big lump. I literally vomited this book.

Shortly after writing the manuscript, I went to the UCLA library and began to research what I had written. Did this technology exist? Could these things be done? Were the world governments moving in this direction?
Amazingly, the answers to all questions were yes! How did I possess this kind of information?

Call it inspiration, automatic writing, I don't know. But, the fact that this story was born whole deterred me for years from publishing this book.

I have not changed my story, its content, its continuity or its characters since I wrote the first draft. I am a high school drop out. My grammar, spelling, syntax, etc were less than desirable, so, of course, it had to be proofed and edited.

Today I look back and trace the things that have happened, and are happening in the world, I finally own up to the fact that I might have had a vision; a revelation. I'm not sure that anything can be done to stop what is happening in the world, for it may be an inevitable social change.

Certainly, I hope and pray for a second vision. But, since I don't know how the first one happened, I must presume that this kind of insight can't occur on demand. It just takes place, whenever, and life moves on.

I do get flashes from time to time. I listen to the news and hear what they aren't saying. Or, I'll see an article in a newspaper or magazine and know that the story is a part of a larger jigsaw puzzle. Occasionally, the pieces fits together, and the picture becomes clear.

I am not a psychic, nor am I declaring that I'm a seer, or prophet, but I think I did get a glimpse of the future. That future is now, and some of the things are happening, just as I imagined them. And that, to me, is quite disturbing.

So, I decided to publish the story.

Steven J. Conners
Reno, Nevada

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