A-B-C is a fast-paced political thriller that chronicles the story of Billy
Johnstone, an independently wealthy third-party candidate.

He longs to correct mankind's problems and break the curse of social ills,
poverty, religion, and politics that has divided our world into the "haves"
and "have-nots."

A self-made multi-billionaire, Billy reasons that if he becomes President of
the United States, with the great power of that office, his dreams will
become a reality.
Realizing the enormity of the task, he acquires an inner circle of loyal
men; a brain trust. Billy convinces them that accomplishing his ambitious
plan will be as easy as A-B-C.

Plan A: Get Elected.
Plan B: Eliminate Non-productive Elements.
Plan C: Ensure Control.
At break-neck speed, Billy Johnstone not only becomes President, he manages
to influence the political, economic and social balance of the world.
His tactics are well researched and, though not pleasant, they are proven
historically effective and work very well.
A world once confounded by poverty, hunger, diminishing natural resources,
political strife, religious wars and indiscriminate terrorism transforms
into a seemingly productive, peaceful global society working together
without conflict.
Billy's mantra to the world: "Don't worry. Everything's gonna' be all right!"
Or is it?

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